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inDemic is an expert-driven non-profit that provides knowledge management and science-driven information and opinion on a wide range of pandemic solutions that helps medical researchers, policymakers, and the public make informed decisions.

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Expert Perspectives with Dr. Deborah Fuller:
1st and 2nd-generation COVID-19 Vaccines

In this video interview, we discuss the strengths and limitations of COVID-19 vaccine candidates with Dr. Deborah Fuller, Professor of Microbiology at University of Washington. Her lab, which studies influenza, HIV, and Zika virus, is currently focused on immunity against COVID-19 and the development of novel vaccination strategies against SARS-CoV-2. Her lab’s work has resulted in over a dozen patents and two startup biotech companies. 

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inDemic utilizes a web-based platform, inPhronesis, to offer a streamlined interface for knowledge management. The platform allows our subject matter experts to rigorously collect, organize, track, and integrate information from multiple sources, viewed longitudinally. With inPhronesis, you can quickly find everything you need to help you answer important tactical and strategic questions. 

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